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Unmatched quality is a core value that is integral to GEM's foundation. For us this means not only delivering the best products but also operating the most efficient production. 

Our employees diligently survey everything from appearance to functionality of the design for any potential flaws or places for improvement. Having been certified by world-class companies for our quality, we ceaselessly make sure that our goods are competent to be closely interacting with people’s lives.

This high level of quality control is made possible by our wide range of testing equipment.

The list includes XRF Analyzer, Aging Testers(Temperature, Humidity, and UV-based), Cold-Resistance Tester, Durometer, Rheometer, Tensile Strength/Elongation Tester, Color Reader, Vision Inspector, and Videometer.


Our manufacturing process is organized to ensure quality work every step of the way. Progress is monitored and assessed throughout by our multiple performance indicators. This helps us to optimize workflow and maximize productivity. Our quality management agenda also includes strengthening group dynamics. Some of the ways that is done is through: fostering attentive internal communication, designating accountability, and investment in professional training.  

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