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Since its beginning, GEM has challenged manufacturing conundrums and continuously exceeded rising industrial standards in multiple areas including technology, environmental protection and safety. Our growth as a business is thanks to our vision to provide engineering solutions wherever there need arises. During this time, we have grown together with our clients who share a common vision and have chosen us to collaborate in benefiting society as a whole. Our customers’ trust in our work has made us a leader of high-performing rubber products in a wide niche ranging from audio equipment to the piping industry. Our continued involvement in the domestic Korean market based on cutting-edge technologies has brought recognition from abroad, leading to trade and exports overseas as a company with a broader scope than ever before.

With a record of client satisfaction approaching 40 years, we are now in a new era of limitless personalization. From that comes our new mission: “Elastic Customization”. The word “elastic” brings to mind the intrinsic properties of rubber, and a flexibility towards variety and change. With this spirit at heart, our goal is three-fold:

- Adopting new management and production methods to better serve our clients

- Investing in R&D to best accommodate services demanded by industries across the board

- Meeting the precise needs of each client




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