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Here is a sample of our past and current clients

"Factors that differentiate GEM:

- Quick troubleshooting thanks to their in-house mold maker accompanied by cutting-edge equipment 

- Consistent and reliable quality owing to standardized operation systems in place for all products

- Near-zero non-conformity rate due to a highly respectable automated inspection process

Putting these strengths to work, GEM has successfully and consistently met Japan’s quality requirements which are known to be extremely stringent. GEM has proven itself by being the sole long-term Korean supplier(over twenty years) for LIXIL Group, a global leader in the housing and building industries."

Plax Korea Co.,Ltd. CEO, Yunje Kim


"It has been over thirty years since we started working with GEM. Such long-term relationship would not be possible without deeply ingrained mutual trust. Our company manufactures goods which are distributed to Korea, Japan, United States and European countries, and GEM is in charge of supplying rubber parts for many of our products. Over the past thirty years, we had numerous companies who tried to replace GEM as our main supplier – but all fell short of satisfying our foreign clients in terms of quality and price. GEM, on the other hand, always succeeds at meeting and exceeding the needs of clients by diagnosing problems and resolving them in advance. When we develop new products, we are bound to be faced with uncertainties and abrupt changes; we are grateful that GEM has tirelessly worked to bring satisfactory solutions each time. For instance, one time, we needed an urgent replacement to a raw material in accordance with new industrial regulations. To our pleasant surprise, even before our request, GEM had already started their new material development which we could adopt immediately, facilitating our shift without setbacks. GEM stays ahead of the game under competitive price pressure by improving machine tooling and operation processes, diversifying production regions, and offering stabilized production with reasonable prices. Rather than simply pursuing short-term profit, GEM seems to consider future growth and engages boldly in long-term investment. Their bold initiative is what has enabled GEM to evolve from the past when we used to envy advanced technology of developed countries to the present day, when GEM’s product development skills, manufacturing, quality and price are recognized globally. We have our strongest faith in GEM which I firmly believe will continue to grow robustly."

CRESYN, NPD, Managing Director, Kwangtae Kim

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